Syrian refugees tragedy

AAPSO would like to express its Feelings of grief and sympathy towards the Syrian refugees tragedy that affected the world's conscience. The regional and international interferences in Syria in addition to the increasing role of the terrorist organizations like ISIS and others lead to a civil war there, so these interferences were the main cause of this tragedy.

It's now obvious that some big countries and other regional and Arab countries had some agendas to use and destroy Syria then turned their backs to the refugees tragedy which they caused. It was a big shame that the rich Gulf countries didn't welcome them and on the other side some Arab countries that suffer from economical problems like Jordan Lebanon and Egypt welcomed them. Then lately after the growing pressure of the European public opinion; Europe started to accept them but in different proportions. The role of the European civil society organizations had a big effect to make the European countries change their attitude towards the welcoming of thousands of the refugees.

The assistance provided by the United Nations and international relief organizations are not enough, there should be a high claim to increase aids and provide minimum human values in resettlement. We call on the rich countries to provide additional assistance to minimize the suffering of these people.

The memories of the thousands drowned in the Mediterranean will remain a disgrace to the international community and its devious methods.

These countries that were the reason behind the Syrian tragedy have moral duties to find a solution for this tragedy.

We call on the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to play a more positive and assertive role in dealing with this tragedy.

Permanent secretariat of AAPSO is praying for mercy to the thousands who drowned and at the same time demanding all the segments of the international community to be more humane and more committed to international standards and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of the United Nations to end this tragedy.


The permanent secretariat of AAPSO