Palestinian child killed

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization condemns strongly the horrific crime committed by Jewish extremists, when they killed a Palestinian child named " Ali Saad Dawabsha " by burning , and three family members critically wounded in arson attack on their home in the West Bank.


The insistence of the Israeli government to continue settlement and protect its settlers is one of the main reasons of this crime. This is a direct consequence of decades of impunity given by the Israeli government to settler terrorism; Israel has turned its back completely to the peace process and the two states solution.

AAPSO accuses the Israeli government for that heinous crime. AAPSO calls the international community and the permanent member states in the Security Council who always claim to advocated human rights, to take practical and immediate steps to stop such crimes committed by the Israeli occupation, and to prosecute those who are responsible and achieve justice, as well as calling the International Criminal Court to prosecute all those who participated in this heinous crime.


We also call on people and civil society organizations to escalate condemnation campaigns against these crimes, and express extreme solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle.

This heinous crime urgently requires an exceptional response from the international community to provide security and protection to the Palestinian people, and to take deterrent international decisions against the Israeli aggression that violates daily the Palestinian people's rights.