AAPSO on Iranian Agreement

AAPSO consider the agreement with Iran as a positive contribution towards stable peace in the Middle East and supports the normalization of relations as a great step for World Peace.


Iranian nuclear programme was not something new, and it remained a controversial issue for a long time; since the five powers +1 (U.S., U.K. Russia, China, France and Germany) were not prepared to accept the Iranian position on the face value. Although Iran proclaimed that her nuclear programme was for peaceful purposes of producing electricity, there were several unacceptable gaps that remained uncleared even to the International Atomic Agency.


Therefore after a protracted negotiation for a very long time, the five powers +1 and Iran were able to reach a tangible conclusion, to the satisfaction of the five powers.

The agreement stipulated several conditions that Iran has to fulfill such as reduction of Iranian centrifuges by two third; limit the enrichment for 15 years to the low enrichment of uranium used in nuclear power stations. There were also limit to the Iran's stockpile of LEU and building new heavy water plants; including full access to the IAEA for inspection. The long drawn negotiations were hectic which some commentators termed it as "game changer".

The Security Council which met on 20th July endorsed the agreement and it becomes part of the U.N. treaty.

Sanctions against Iran will be gradually lifted and the United States will normalize diplomatic relations with Iran after a lapse of forty years. Iran's isolation from the world community will be ended. Within this forty years Iran had made tremendous progress in nuclear technology and enters as a new responsible power in the Middle East, and will guarantee as a peaceful nation in the region; as a new economic power house.

With Iran's opening to the Western countries, the country will be opened to the west of the world as an investment hub. International trade will be further expanded and it will benefit the whole world. Further confidence building will be improved to make Iran a more responsible nation in the country of nations, striving for expansion of economic development, along with cultural and political understanding.

International Community hopes that Iran will play a positive role as a responsible power in the politics of Middle East, in particular and world in general.