Egypt is facing a war against terrorism

Islamic State's Egypt wing " the state of Sinai " formerly known as Ansar Beit Al Maqdis claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed at least 30 and large number of injured from the armed forces and innocent civilians , on Thursday 29 January 2015.

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Egypt's most active militant group, changed its name to state of Sinai after swearing allegiance to Islamic State - Daash , the hard line Sunni militant group and all of these militant groups created from the womb to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt is facing war on terrorism with such these militant groups and mainly the Muslim brotherhood, but this will not deter the Egyptian people, state institutions or the political leadership from fighting terrorism, seeking to move forward to stability in order to return Egypt to its rightful status in the Arab region.

Terrorism will not last in front of the will of peoples and army, and we call upon to develop the intelligence side of the operations, new measures that could enable the armed forces to confront these terrorists groups who have taken civilians in Rafah and Sheikh Zuid as hostages that hamper Army.

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization condemns this despicable massacre and mourns the martyrs who scarified for the cause of their homeland, also wish a speedy recovery to the injured.
We give our full support to Egypt in its war against terrorism, demanding to take all preventive measures to prevent recurrence of such incident.