Mr. Nouri Abdel Razzak Hussein. Special Happy Birthday

Mr. Nouri Abdel Razzak Hussein,
Secretary General
Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization


Dear Comrade Nouri!

Your true Soviet-Russian friends and colleagues do wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day on occasion of your glorious jubilee.

Among many international leaders as well as common people you rightly enjoy a sincere respect and high authority of a wise and talented politician, peace and solidarity keeper, outstanding leader of AAPSO.

Your life and deeds embrace epoch of the international student and solidarity movements, of their successes and achievements under your leadership.

Happy Birthday! Have - still many years ahead - a health, which a man of your creed, ethics and steel roots deserves! Be - as less as possible - touched by circumstances the present times.

Enjoy as much as possible a satisfaction from whatever can provide it to a mind and heart, forged with the most meaningful values all of us know and share!

Embracing you from Moscow!

Alexandr Dzasokhov
Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister
Fiqriat Tabeev
Samandar Kalandarov
Vladimir Ponomarev
Kim Koshev