Iran and 5+1 Nuclear Deal

After hectic negotiations for several days, Iran and the six nations-UK; France; U.S. Russia China and Germany- were able to sign an historic agreement paving the way for lifting sanctions against Iran.

Although Iran time and again declared that her nuclear project was for peaceful purposes for the production of electricity in keeping with the NPT agreement, western powers were not convinced; thereby continued sanctions for nearly three decades affecting the general population. Nevertheless after negotiating behind the scene and later openly, they were able to reach this agreement whereby Iran will cease her Uranium enrichment and not proceed beyond 20 per cent.

While Iran hailed this as a victory for her rationality, Israel denounced the agreement as a historic mistake. Although the agreement is not without any conditions. Iran will be watched during the next six months to proceed with further relaxation of sanctions.

AAPSO consider this agreement as a partial victory for the Non-Aligned Movement since NAM had vigoursly campaigned for the lifting of sanctions against Iran as it was a signatory to the NPT, and not pursing the making of nuclear bomb.

This agreement will have a great impact on the geo-political equation in the Middle East after the post Arab spring and realignment of forces.