AAPSO issued the following statement

AAPSO condemns the escalation of the American threats of a military strike on Syria under the pretext of using chemical weapons by the Syrian regime which is internationally banned, this is even before the international investigators present their reports to the Security council and even know which side used it and these were the same justifications that the USA

and its allies used in its aggression against Iraq ten years ago invading and destroying it without finding any of the weapons of mass destruction.

The insisting of the USA and its allies on a military strike against Syria is a thing that can't be justified given that the peaceful efforts to hold Geneva 2 conference have not been exhausted yet.

The British Parliament voted against the military strike, as well as the rejection by Italy, Spain, Germany and others to participate and even after president Obama didn't view the topic on the U.S. Congress, all of this reveals the popular and International rejection toward the U.S. move, if Obama's government is willing to restore its eroded prestige; this should not take place through the destruction of peoples and nations.

AAPSO repeatedly declared its support to the ambitions and aspirations of the great people of Syria and condemns the use of chemical weapons at any time and under any circumstances, we also appeal to all the solidarity committees, the civil society organizations, the non- aligned movement, the United Nations and all international and popular associations to raise their voices to denounce and condemn this continuous US intervention against the peoples of the world.