Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization issued the following statement

On the occasion of the 61 anniversary of July revolution , coinciding the events of popular revolution led by young people on January 25 , and completed with the mass support  of the Egyptian people on June 30, 2013, add a unique page to the history of Egypt.

In memory of 23 July Revolution , AAPSO emphasizes the necessity to seek once again to achieve the goals of social justice , restoring Egypt's status regionally and internationally, and on the other hand to achieve the goal of national independence as part of the objectives of 30 June revolution.

The Egyptian army led by Gamal Abdel Nasar endeared achieving the aspirations of the Egyptian people, the army twice took a side of the will of the Egyptian people, first time in January 2011 and the other in June 2013, which supported the will of the people and assist them in  achieving their aspirations of liberty and social justice.

In this statement we should salute and pay reverence to the free officers of July revolution who disregarding the dangers to their lives , stood firmly to the success of this glorious revolution .