AAPSO's statement regarding the Arab support to Egypt


Egyptian people showed great patriotism since the January 25th revolution then the continued revolution of June 30th and on July 3rd strong popular response in supporting the position of Egypt led by Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Sisi in order to amaze the world with this revolution

, and this great steadfastness which deserves all the support and assistance especially as the challenges faced on both the domestic and international levels hinder the way of the people towards freedom and democracy, the Arab support; particularly the initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and the support of the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain had significant impact in supporting the Egyptian people, not only from the perspective of the development of Arab relations, but also break the hostile move internationally against the will of the Egyptian people who rejects foreign interference in internal affairs.

AAPSO is confident that this move will contribute in supporting democratic progress, political stability, social and economic development in modern Egypt.

AAPSO again honors the patriotic upsurge of the Egyptian people in defending its political independence and build their civil modern democratic state.