AAPSO Hails North-South Korean Settlement


According to electronic media and the international press, North and South Korean representatives have agreed to open the Kaesong Industrial Zone which remained closed owing to serous differences between the two sides.

Several attempts to open negotiations failed owing to minor technical reasons. Nevertheless after an impasse, an agreement has been reached and the DPRK has agreed for the guarantee of the continuation of the industrial Zone, which is hailed by all peace loving people of the world as a big step in confidence building measures of the two Koreas.

In this context some neutral peace elements have suggested to convert the Demilitarised Zone(DM.Z) between the two Koreas to a peace park.

 Environmentalists believe that there are very rare species, flora and fauna in the zone and if a peace park is established, it will attract international tourism and demonstrate another step in creating a unified approach to the future integration of Korean peninsula.

AAPSO as a close friend of Korean people believes that these positive developments should be sustained so that Korean unification could be achieved as early as possible.

AAPSO appeals to both Koreas to keep all options open for peaceful negotiations to that the sacred aspirations of the Korean people will be realised at the earliest possible.

    Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain                 Dr. Helmy Al Hadidy

            Secretary-General                         President