China Meeting

The permanent Secretariat of the Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization – AAPSO – and the Egyptian Committee for Solidarity, presided by Dr. Helmy Al Hadidy convened an important meeting with a delegation from the Chinese People's Association for peace and disarmament, led by Mr. Jean – the Vice-President of the Association, and Assistant Minister for Foreign Relations Department of the Communist Party of China.

The meeting discussed three main points such as, the Chinese dream, Egyptian Chinese relations, and the international and regional affairs. Chinese dream is a new term appeared in the last congress of the Chinese Communist Party, launched by President Xi Jinping , and Chinese people supported the concept of the Chinese dream, which means improving people's livelihood, prosperity and build a better society. The Chinese Communist Party adopts this concept, it works to absorb experiences and correct errors.

The Egyptian – Chinese relations are very old between the two peoples and took space of the meeting, as AAPSO was emerged in the footsteps of the great former leaders Gamal Abdel Nasser, Chou En Lai, and Tito, Nehru and Sukarno and other leaders, who  established Bandung principles that adopted by the solidarity movement.

The meeting also discussed the China's role in the crisis of constructing the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, and AAPSO carried message to the leadership of the Chinese delegation that this dam constitute a serious threat to the Egyptian national security, and we hope that China does not participate in any action that would harm the interests of Egypt.

On the international level the both parties exchanged views on some international and regional issues.
The meeting was concluded by Dr. Helmy, with the following letters: 


1 - the need to deepen the relations between Egypt - China, and we are keen to let China be in the right place to support peoples.

2 - Renaissance Dam represents a threat to Egypt, and any shortage of water resources represents a major threat to us, and we hope that the Chinese delegation will convey our point of view to the Chinese Government and people.

3- AAPSO hopes that the Chinese People's Association for the peace and disarmament return to be an important member in AAPSO as it was.

This meeting was attended by a number of intellectuals, thinkers, and politicians as Mr. Nouri Abdul Razak Hussein, Mr. Vidya , Mr.Julian , Dr. Hassan Nafaa , Mr.Nabil Zaki , Mr Shawky Jalal, Mr. Amin Mohamed Amin, and Ambassador Moheb Al Samra , Mr. Abdelkader Chehayeb, and others of prominent personalities.