Assassination of Shokry Belaid

The permanent secretariat of Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization issue the following statement :

The Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization  condemned the assassination of  the Tunisian politician Shokry Belaid, and considered  it a violence phenomenon against social  and political segments , and against all who have different  ideological  ideas which proved  that coexistence between Religiosity  and politics seem difficult .

We are really worried about  the involvement of religious thought in aggression  and extermination against liberal political opponents, to stop the real democratic development in all its forms such as the existence of true opposition in the Arab World .

The assassination which killed Shokri Belaid recall similar political assassinations have taken place in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq ....,  from here the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization condemn this terrorist act , and  support the establishment of democratic governments in the Arab and Islamic world, as it has become an important requirement to confront the ideology of violent extremism .