The permanent secretariat of AAPSO chaired by Dr. Helmy Al- Hadidy issued the following statement:

On the occasion that Palestine became a non state observer member in the General Assembly of the UN this confirms that the right will remain constant and will never be lost no matter how long it will take, this is a step is to restore the independent State of Palestine on the ground and by land, sea and air, this resolution considers as a victory for the accumulated and continuous struggle of the Palestinian people politically and diplomatically on the national, international and Arabic level.

This victory enabled the Palestinian people to establish strong popular celebration in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; this ensured our deep faith here in AAPSO in the necessity of solidarity, the avoidance of division and restore the issues as it was between the two wings of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as this state will take place on the same Palestinian land.

Israel tried since 2011 after the escalation of its aggressive policy against this step, as it was trying to delay this step in advance through threats and unfortunately there was sympathy through with this trend when the opposition of some States and others abstained from voting because this is an important step for the Palestinian people in front of the UN.

The Israeli prime minister today mentioned that such step means nothing and represent nothing in reality, however we tell him that the struggle of the Palestinian people will continue when you realize soon that everything will change in favor of the Palestinian martyrs and prisoners arrested in the Israeli jails, the Palestinian people will obtain full independence. We also reject and condemn Israel's policy of increasing settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine.

AAPSO demands all the Afro, Asian and Arab peoples to support this people to complete its victory. AAPSO would like to express its deep congratulations to the Palestinian people, leadership and Government for this great victory.