Human rights international day

World celebrates on 10 December of each year the human rights international day, in honor of the United Nations General Assembly's resolution in 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of human rights.

The anniversary this year came in a clear deterioration of the rights and freedoms of the peoples in the whole world, women's and children's rights were declined in the last decade, and discriminatory practices against them increased, also practices of constraining freedom of the press and media in some flashpoints in the world were increased, in addition the rates of unemployment and forced migration were increased.

Almost two years after the launch of revolutions of the Arab spring that called for freedom, justice, dignity, and was able to eliminate tyrannical authoritarian systems; however he way isn't paved and still difficult to Arab peoples to receive all of their rights but we are afraid of the future human rights setbacks in the Arab spring revolutions. Some groups imposed their control on the revolution and seized power in those States, threatened the rights of minorities, women's rights, threatens freedom of expression of opinion and media freedom, and this is inherent to all peoples around the world. The current drafts of constitutions in these countries are not representing women by any way and working on ignoring women and wasted their rights as a citizen and a partner in the same homeland.

Situation in Syria is not too different, where the worst massacres take place on daily and systematic basis. As well as Palestine; where crimes against humanity were committed by the Israeli occupying forces. And in Burma, the Rohingya Muslims are suffering genocide and forced migration by the regime.

AAPSO strongly condemns all acts of aggression and violation against the peoples of the world and calls upon all parties to the pursuit of building societies and countries adopt all religions and political views, and consensus between all parties to ensure the respect of human rights.

AAPSO also calls upon United Nations bodies, the African Union, Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic Conference to work together to provide insights and achievable and effective strategic plans that guarantee the existence of human rights.

AAPSO also urges all Member States and observers of the Human Rights Council to work on ensuring that United Nations will take effective actions to put an end to the violence in troubled areas of the world.