The Israeli Aggression on Gaza Strip

Israeli committed a brutal barbaric aggression against the Palestinian People on Gaza Strip using aircrafts and missiles. As a result of this barbaric aggression ,a number of Hamas leaders including Ahmed Algabary, the  deputy commander of the military wing of Hamas were assassinated.

This attack comes at a time when efforts are under way to calm the situation between Israel and Palestine, in which Egypt was a part of that. This aggression and Israel's intention to expand it and waving on potential military occupation of Gaza, especially after calling 75 thousand of the reserve forces threatens to aggravate the crisis, and that will lead to more destructions, and more sacrifices, and innocent civilians will be the main victims.

Similar to 2008 attacks which has killed about 1,500 martyrs from the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli aggression by hitting all international norms and conventions the wall, makes it imperative for the international community to bear the responsibilities and condemns the aggression and impose on Israel to stop military operations and enter into a negotiated solution to resolve the crisis.

Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization condemns the criminal aggression as a series of  Israeli's crimes against Palestinian people. Also, AAPSO considers the importance of implementing the resolutions of  international  legitimate rights of the Palestinian Peoples to establish its State on 1967 borders with its capital  East Jerusalem, this is the demand of the international community which  must be  implemented.

AAPSO considers the unfortunate  Palestinian  division  encourages the Israeli occupation to continue its hostile  and suppression policy against the Palestinian people. Therefore it is a national necessity and a historic responsibility to end the division.

AAPSO supports the Palestinian demand for the United Nations to recognize Palestine as an observer state in November 29, 2012.

AAPSO calls upon all civil society organizations ,international organizations and all freedom lovers in the world to support the  world's conscience, and win for the Palestinian people by stopping this shameful aggression.