Escalation of the crisis in Syria

Afro-Asian Solidarity organization observes with profound concern the development of the Syrian crisis and its consequences on the regional and international level.

The permanent secretariat of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Organization assumes its support to the peaceful revolution of the Syrian people and advocates their legal ambitions and hopes and calls upon the Syrian regime to respond quickly to the desire for freedom and social justice of the Syrian people.

The permanent secretariat of the Solidarity organization sees the importance of the quick and effective international movement to stop violence because every day passes the more complicated the situation becomes and the countries go one step more towards bloody an d destructive violence where the last was the massacre of Alhoula and Alqobaire that left many dead and causalities.

So the Solidarity Organization calls upon stopping violence and the complete application of Koufi Anan's plan with its six principles which achieves the legal demands of the Syrian people in democracy and their ambitions and participation in making future. We refuse foreign interference and assure the unity of the Syrian people.