Earth Day 2

On the 30th of March 1976; the Palestinian national uprising has erupted in day which was called later the Earth Day protesting against the Israeli arbitrariness, the confiscating of lands policy, extirpation and Judaization. In addition to the killings and terrorism, which was and still exercised by the Israeli authorities against the Palestinian people, since then this day, was considered as an important station immortalized by the Palestinians to ensure an important issue in the Palestinian case which is the right of return according to the international resolution 194.

And today, the 36th anniversary of the Earth day; the Palestinians in Jerusalem are facing the renewable settler attacks, supported by Israeli occupation forces against Al-Aqsa mosque specifically and the unfair control over Jerusalem and consecrates. And this is within the announcing of the president of the Israeli opposing party “Mrs. Tseipy Levni” that there is no objection regarding starting a war on the Gaza Strip.

Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) strongly supports the struggle of the Palestinian people to save Palestine’s territories from becoming a mere memory; as the history of the Palestinian struggle is based on the adherence to the territories and restore it.

Earth Day the 30th of March; is a declaration day for the Palestinian people’s insistence on exercising its rights and the right to stay and remain on their ancestral land.