Attack in Rafah

Afro Asian People’s Solidarity Organization  issued the following statement :


Afro Asian People’s Solidarity Organization  strongly condemn the barbaric attack on the Egyptian sons soldiers and officers of the Egyptian army in the holy month that was a heinous crime , and it calls upon the  Gaza’s people to detect the real culprits of this crime as precious lives of  Egyptian have been sacrificed for the Palestine cause .

This require the Palestine people and the others to be aware well of this imminent danger in the Sinai, since any Egyptian or Arab  has a right to doubt in Israel who attempts to seek and target the national security under the great Egyptian army .

The ugly terrorism that killed these martyrs the sons of Egyptian army will not only be within the framework of heinous crime and AAPSO apply to the Egyptian people and to the Egyptian army sincere condolences , we are confident that Egypt will not tolerate the right of its territory and borders and members of its army and we are with any action to uncover the crime and tackle those who carried out with full force .