Release Ogalan

* 3/3/1999

In an International operation, four African, Asian, European and American countries participated in kidnapping the Kurdish fighter Abdulla Ogalan, from kinia and handed him over to Turkish Authorities taking him to Turkey with a bandage on his eyes and with his hands tied down. The Turkish government declared the accusation to be the high treason, even before the investigation. This shows the plotted intention for the sentence that will be brought about against him which is death sentence.

The Turkish Authorities address the Turkish people in a public announcement, asking them to surrender as if the whole case is Ogalan, and that by his fall in the hands of authorities, the Turkish battle has ended as if there is nothing to worry about. This perceptivity confirms the Turkish insistence on ignoring that there is a real problem and that Turkey has to solve it in the frame of international laws and charters, through method of internal discussion not through fighting and blood shed. The Kurdistan Labour Party has presented the solution to the Turkish government, that is to declare a one-side cessation and to settle the problem on fedralistic basis or on a version of anatomy (a self determination version) which secures nations rights for the Kurds. A version that grants them the chance of participating in managing their affairs, enhancing their cultural and linguistic identity and defending their interests. All these things have to be in the frame of multi-democratic Turkish nation that depends on nationalism with equal rights, away from violence, the use of force and dismiss policies and clarification of political enemies.

The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization denounces strongly the international piracy operation, calls all groups and organizations that defend human rights, peoples; and minority rights to move towards defending Kurds rights and the legitimacy of their cause. AAPSO also reclaims all NGOs to demand the Turkish government to release Abdulla Ogalan at once and to work on reaching, with him and with his friends, to a democratic solution for the Kurds cause in Turkey.

* 1/7/1999

No To The Execution Of Abdulla Oçalan

The Court of State Security in Turkey sentenced the Kurdish leader Abdulla Oçalan to be executed on the grounds of high treason and formation of a terrorist organization, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.
The Kurdish leader had previously declared his willingness to find a peaceful negotiated settlement of the Kurdish problem in Turkey. He was thus providing a historic opportunity for the solution of this issue, one that will end bloodshed and Turkish genocide campaigns, and stop economic haemorrhage. However , Turkish officials ignored this opportunity and rushed to pronounce his condemnation and execution, a matter that was planned beforehand .
AAPSO denounces this sentence and deems that it is a violation of all human rights, humanitarian and national rights. Moreover AAPSO appeals to all international governmental and non-governmental organizations to demand the annulment of this sentence, namely capital punishment pronounced against the Kurdish leader and that the voice of peace advocated by Oçalan for stability and a better future for Turkey, and both Turkish and Kurdish people.