The Visit of Japan Delegation to AAPSO

A delegation of Japan Africa and Latin America solidarity Committee visited the Afro Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization Head Quarters in Egypt on 9/7/2009. The visit comes on the occasion of the 15th NAM Summit which will take place on 11-16 July 2009.

AAPSO will participate with a big delegation composed of members of the Secretariat and members of its Committees among them Japan AALA headed by Mr. Toshio Akinwa.

The Japanes delegation was received by Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak the Secretary General together with a group of members of the Secretariat.

The meeting discussed the importance of NAM and how AAPSO with its national committees strengthening, decisions of the movement, especially after the 8th Congress of AAPSO which took place in Hyderabad 14-16 December 2008.

As the AAPSO Congress elaborates that the world today is different from the near yesterday. There are emerging issues  that motivate the movement to be developed as the financial Crisis, creation of G 20, spreading of armamentsand others.

Also the question of mutual communications between AAPSO and its Committees has been highlighted  and between the Committees in the same region, that must have mutual relations and assistance.

Mr. Toshio Akinawa expressed his sorrow and condolences for the demise of two veterans of AAPSO movement, Mr. AAM.Marleen the Secretary-General of AAPSO in Sri Lanka and Prof. Haroub Othman, Vice President of AAPSO , from Tanzania .

He reiterates the eagerness of Japan AALA to contribute the work of AAPSO.