Assassination of Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi

Doc: 3/4/2004

American Apache helicopters killed Palestinian militant Dr. Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi by striking his car with missiles. Killing Rantisi, killing Hamas movement in Gaza and killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin within a short period after Sharon’s return from America but affirms that Israel lead by the murderer Sharon persists on aborting all peaceful means for settling the Palestinian issue. Moreover, it reconfirms that the Bush administration supports this course, abandoning international legitimacy and all moral and human values and condones Israel terrorism giving the green light to kill Palestinian leaderships and justifies this as self-defense. Thus America is a full partner in this terrible crime. Shimon Perez openly reveals his true self on behalf of the Israeli left saying that whosoever was involved in killings should pay the price. As if he was not himself the killer of Qana and killer of women and children.

The Zionist gang in Likud, in the Labour party or in America has warranted everything. For they believe that the actions against them are a storm in a cup and matters will return to their benefit and in their interests.

There is no alternative but to return to a firm reference, namely international legitimacy and its UN resolutions. The United States stopped playing the role of sponsoring the peace process. It to cover up its actions and schemes to totally liquidate the Palestinian issue. It declares this explicitly and strongly supports the Israeli side. The United States has ended its role in Madrid, Oslo, Tenet, Mitchell and the Road Map. It has erased all of this to implement it project of the greater Middle East on Palestine indicating a total hostile position against Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general.

AAPSO strongly condemns this heinous crime, its perpetrator and supporter and demands the UN and Security Council to intervene promptly and save and protect the Palestinian people from the clutches of Israel and America. AAPSO also demands the revival of the issue in its natural course in the UN or under its direct sponsorship, and to impose stringent sanctions on Israel as well as on those who violate international legitimacy and resolutions.