Afo-Asain Peoples' Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO)

On Congress
Colombo, Sri Lanka 18-19 October 2014-11-04
Final Communiqué

The 9th Congress of the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) hold in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 18-19 October 2014, hosted by Sri Lanka Peace & Solidarity Council was attended by delegates from 21 countries. Having entered the 57 year of its founding in 1958 as one of the oldest and broadest peoples' organization that has played a historic role in mobilizing peoples of Asia and Africa to tackle the problems that confronts the Third World nations in the second half of the 20th century, the AAPSO Congress affirmed its intention to reinvent itself to meet the new challenges posed by imperialism for the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America in the 21st century.

The 9th Congress of AAPSO was held in the background of deepening global financial crisis along with growing aggressiveness of imperialism and intra-imperialist contradictions, competition for the control of energy resources as well as increasing spheres of influence in all continent, continuation of aggression against the people of Palestine by Israel, increasing activities of imperialists back terrorist groups like ISIS, regional tensions almost in all continent as well as expansion of NATO in the Eastern Europe and the crisis in Ukraine are jeopardizing and challenging the peace, democracy, social progress and social and communal harmony throughout the world.

In the background of such negative developments in their deliberations touched upon various issues related to the financial Crises and its Impact on Developing Countries, situation in Middle East particularly on the issue of Palestine, US pivot policy in Asia-Pacific region, importance of campaign for Nuclear Weapon Free World, movement on Climate Change emphasizing the need for South-South Cooperation and Solidarity with the People of the South as well as putting forward the urgency of building an alternative economic global order while the issue of overcoming organizational weakness were raised strongly.

The Congress notes the unprecedented magnitude of the global financial crisis and expresses its deep concern over the adverse impact on the working people across the world. This unfolding social crisis resulting from the economic recession not only has created mass unemployment, inflation in the countries of the South but also strengthen more authoritarian states that seeks to restore profitability through ratcheting up repression and forcing people to accept the loss of jobs, housing, and any kind of social support and create a possibility of more war and military repression and sinister attempts to bolster sectarian divides.

The 9th Congress of the AAPSO notes with grave concern the brazen Israeli aggression in Gaza where more than two thousand people have been brutally killed. The mindless devastation of the social, economic, political and cultural institutions as well as the widespread destruction of its natural environment, has heaped untold misery on Palestinian people.

The Congress believes that the development in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan are symptomatic of the present aggressive phase of U.S. –led imperialism. Until and unless the concerned sections of humanity rise in unison to oppose and stop this outrage, the victims of naked imperialist aggression can never be emancipated.

The Congress acknowledges and greets the two revolutions carried out by the Egyptian People against dictatorship, corruption, and theocistic fascism.

The Congress express its solidarity with people of Syria and Iraq against the atrocities' of the terrorist organizations as manifested by the criminal actions of ISIS, NOSRA and other which are directed against peaceful civilian population and other ethnic religious directed cultural entities in both countries. We demand the implementation of resolutions of 2170 and 2178 of the Security Council concerning the denial of any assistance to the Terrorists and prevention of free exits of the terrorists between the countries.

The Congress supports the solution to Morocco Sahara problem though peaceful autonomy rights

The Congress is concerned with the growing menace of ISIS in Iraq and Syria as well as religious fundamentalism and its expression in the form of grotesque terrorism killing thousands of innocent people. The Congress firmly believes the nefarious oppressive policies of imperialism.

The best way to fight terrorism is to promote democracy in all Arab Counties.

The Congress calls upon its member organization to unite the people against the forces of religious fundamentalism, obscurantism and as well as against terrorism.

The Congress expresses it concern on the growing military build up in different continent particularly in Asia-Pacific region. The disastrous fate of the atomic bomb victims of Hiroshima & Nagasaki and the dreadful legacy of the Agent Orange victims in Vietnam are chilling examples for all of us.

The Congress reminds the members of the Afro Asian Solidarity movements its duty to take bold initiative in mobilizing world opinion and to build up strong movement with all fraternal peace movements the world over against imperialist aggression; for a non –violent world order and Nuclear Weapons Free World.

The 9th Congress of AAPSO also deliberated on the issue of South-South cooperation. It believes that only such cooperation in people's level cam fight against the US dominated paradigm of neo liberal globalization.

After due deliberations on the above issues, the 9th Congress of AAPSO has resolved as follows:

The Congress supports the Palestinian people in their struggle for an independent state within the borders of 1967 and with East Jerusalem as its capital and support the unity of Palestinian people and its territories.

The Congress also demands that Israeli government should face the International Court for their War Crime in Gaza.

The Congress demands the end of Israeli occupation of Syrian Golan Height, Shabaa and stopping all outside interferences in Syria for its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Congress believes that continue economic blockade against Cuba tantamount to aggression. It demands that the US must comply with the UN resolution calling for the dismantling of embargo and economic blockade against Cuba.

The Congress expresses its solidarity with the people of Nepal and hope that it will carry forward the peace progress and finalization of the new constitution within the stipulated time to meet the aspiration of the Nepalese people thus open the new era for peace and progress in Nepal.

The congress supports the demands the trail of the war-criminals of 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh and condemn the ongoing attack by the fundamentalist organization on the people of Bangladesh.

The Congress calls upon its members and friendly organizations to observe appropriately the 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference, 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism, 70th year of Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing, 40th anniversary of the liberation of Saigon and other important events in 2015.

The Congress recalling its historical role felt that it is the high time to take up the challenge of reinventing itself in facing the pressing concerns of our movement. The congress believes that with a new and vibrant dynamism and more pro active style of functioning of the permanent secretariat can live up to the expectations of our movement and our people. The congress therefore mandates the new leadership to increase interactions with all peace and solidarity organizations all mass organizations of students, youth, Trade Unions and other civil society organizations to build a strong movement against the policies of imperialist globalizations and war and to build Afro-Asian region an region of peace, stability, democracy, human rights, justice, equality and developments as well as get rid of foreign bases, occupation, terrorism, religious fundamentalism and weapons of mass destructions of all kinds.

Congress also accepted with thanks the proposal to hold 10 AAPSO Congress on Morocco.

The Congress endorsed the decision of the Extended Secretariat Meeting in electing Dr. Helmy Hadidi as president.

The Congress expresses their sincere gratitude to the Sri Lanka Peace & Council for hosting such important event and event and hospitalities they have extended to all participants.