The Extended Secretariat Meeting 26, 27 March 2014

The Extended Secretariat Meeting of the Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization - AAPSO was held on 26 and 27 of March 2014 at the Head Quarter of AAPSO.

The meeting was attended by several delegates from foreign countries both Africa and Asia. Apart from the comprehensive discussion about the strengthening of AAPSO. The meeting discussed about the holding of the 9th congress. After discussion it was accepted the candidature of Sri Lanka to hold the 9th Congress in October 17-20 2014.

This decision will be communicated to all the national committees of AAPSO.

The extended meeting was opened by Dr Helmy  Al Hadidi the president of AAPSO , he welcomed all the delegates , and said that he hope our organization become more active .

Mr Nouri Abdul Razzak the Secretary General, once again welcomed all the members of the extended secretariat.

He stressed on the obligation of all national committees toward our movement, for financial support and paying their dues.

He stressed that the developing countries and the countries of the non aligned movement have an opportunity to play more effective role , as we have more favorable situation than at the time of the last congress  - held in 2008 Hyderabad India , as the world system since that time witnessed deep changes .

Under these circumstances the non aligned movement must try to regain its effective role globally, and if not it will be due to its own mistake.

The international situation is favorable to our movement and to AAPSO; we must increase our bilateral relations between the national movements.

Egypt now is facing big challenges mainly against terrorism, in the name of Islam.

On the other side Iraq is almost going in the path of division army and great devastation to its people.  The Syrian people is under great calamities, Syria is facing the same sinario of disintegration, and Lebanon is passing through a violent period and with uncertain future.

Next year will be the 60 anniversary of the Bandung conference, which should be widely celebrated.
The Palestinian question is the heart of the Arab world and utmost solidarity should be rendered to the Palestinian people.

In Egypt the 30th of June revolution 2013, here corrected the mistakes and errors occurred after the rule of the muslim brotherhood.  

In this context we need to discuss frankly the new tasks of AAPSO.

We have lost some national committees such as in Libya, Syria and Jordan, but meanwhile new national committees were established such as Sudan and Morocco.

We have financial crisis, but we must thank the Palestinian and the Sudanese committees for their financial support to AAPSO.