Ceasefire in Libya

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization hails the two statements issued by the Presidential Council and the House of Representatives in Libya regrding ceasing fire and stopping military operations in the entire Libyan territory. AAPSO considers this as an important step towards achieving a political settlement and the aspirations of Libyan people to restore stability and prosperity in Libya and to save its people destiny, and towards setting agreed arrangements for the comprehensive resumption of oil production and export operations and the management of its revenues for the benefit of all Libyans. Therefore, AAPSO calls for the immediate implementation of both parties' call on "lifting the embargo on oil production and export and implementing the financial guidelines mentioned in both statements."


The agreement on immediate ceasefire throughout Libya inhibits any foreign military interventions leading to get out the mercenaries from Libya. In this context, AAPSO recommends to all Libyan paries to regognize the importance of bypassing and closing the chapter of conflict and fighting through a peaceful march to reach an integrated settlement of the Libyan crisis, as both initiatives give reason to hope again for finding a political and peaceful solution to the protracted Libyan crisis that made the Libyan people suffer over the past years from the bloodshed on Libya territory and the entry of mercenaries into the state for the benefit of countries that only want to plunder Libya's wealth and make it in an endless status of chaos and instability, and this drains the Libyan citizen's energy and makes him live in a state of pointlessness.
This agreement came as a result of vigorous regional and international efforts, and is considered an application of Cairo Initiative decisions and Berlin Conference outcomes.

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