Statement on Iraq Events Bloody Events in Iraq

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization is following the serious bloody events in Iraq with grave concern, as these events pose serious threats to the future of Iraqi people and the region.

AAPSO has alerted and warned against the catastrophic effects of the quota system based on sectarianism and ethnicity, and has also stressed the need to respect the foundations and standards of modern civil nation-state, which is trans-sectarian and trans-ethnicities. Also, AAPSO warned against the risks of corruption that paralyzes the functioning of the State and wastes its financial and developmental potential.
Since the US occupation in 2003, Iraq has lost the foundations of the national state and the sectarian approach coupled with political corruption has been practiced, breaking the foundations on which the national state is built. The legitimate basic and living requirements of Iraqi people have accumulated unresolved over the past years, the promises made by successive governments to resolve the citizens' crisis have not been fulfilled and the status remained as it is.
The recent uprising of Iraqi people, which is trans-sectarian-ethnicities-quota, is a legitimate uprising for fulfilling the basic living requirements of Iraqi people.
We strongly condemn the use of excessive violence, which resulted in hundreds of victims and thousands of wounded ones, and the lack of response to the just demands made by Iraqis, in violation of the human rights’ principles, the international legitimacy and the standards by which civilized nations deal with their people. In order to preserve the interest of Iraq People , AAPSO believes that Iraq government shall meet the just demands of the people, root out the widespread corruption in the deep state, carry out immediate reforms that meet the people needs and raise the economic and living standards of Iraq.

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