Historical Agreement of Sudan

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization welcomes the historic power-sharing agreement between the ruling military council and the civil opposition, which paves the way for a transition to civilian rule. This agreement has been reached after months of pro-democracy protests in which President Omar al-Bashir had been ousted after 30 years of ruling the country.

The process of transition to democratic rule will undoubtedly find real challenges that need more vigilance, caution and public awareness to face it, implementing new internal and external policies that could bring just comprehensive peace, economic reform, and guaranteed and protected freedoms, and providing free and decent life for all the citizens.
Under this agreement, Sudan enters a new era of its history after signing the documents of transitional phase… A new era that ends a long period of suffering and anxiety… A new era in which Sudan concludes long decades where people suffered a lot from wars, conflicts and deteriorating socio-economic conditions… A new era that is full of hope for a better future to the nation and people.
Hence, AAPSO hopes that this agreement between the Sudanese parties will contribute in formulating this new stability phase, through which the brothers in Sudan can recover from their current crisis and move to manage the affairs of their country in a way that meets the aspirations of Sudanese people.

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