The United States, Britain and France launched an international crime against the Syrian Republic by launching a missile package of naval and air forces from military bases, against the Syrian Arab Republic under the pretext of deploying alleged chemical weapons. This aggression carried beyond Security Council resolutions and international legitimacy.

The accusation that Syria has a stockpile of chemical weapons used against Syrian citizens is a charge that has not been investigated and there is no evidence other than the doubtful accusations. The United States carried out a similar attack last year on the shoirat base in Syria under the same pretext and there was no official and international investigation of the incident Since then, and the strikes targeted by the missiles of the aggression on the so-called chemical weapons stores in Syria, has not been confirmed and showed no trace of these weapons to be detected by air and this proves the false allegations about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against its people This reminds us of the same lie used by the United States and Britain contrary to the United Nations' objections to the 2003 aggression against Iraq and also the destruction of Libya's infrastructure by NATO forces, leaving them prey to international terrorist organizations and to aggressive schemes.

Always when the prospect of solution is nearly to be reached the counterforces tries to impede, hence making obstacles, and aggressors are making false pretexts to obstruct any peaceful solution to the Syrian problem.

We strongly condemn this criminal aggression and call on all peace and freedom-loving peoples to stand against it. We also demand that the Security Council and the United Nations maintain its legitimacy by securing international peace and security.

The repetition of this aggression threatens the stability of the international situation as long as the imperialist countries repeat their aggression whenever they want to implement their aggressive plans.

We call on the Arab Summit held in Saudi Arabia to strongly condemn this aggression and to win the cause of the Syrian people and to take a decision to lift Syria's freeze on its membership in the Arab League, and in this situation it is clear to us that the deal of the century with regard to the Palestinian people will be a new disaster facing our Arab nation.

Permanent Secretary

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