NATO‘s Warsaw summit

NATO's Warsaw summit was held in an escalating tension threatens to drag towards confrontation with Russia that refers to an unprecedented escalation by NATO.


Despite NATO escalating policy many members expressed leniency positions, and the Minsk summit adopted acceptable solutions for all parties France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, but Kiv government continues in its provocations with the support from United States.


It is clear that the European NATO countries are under strong pressure from United States, to escalate actions against Russia, promoting NATO to carry out the hugest military operation since the end of the Cold War, where the alliance deployed four battalions between 3-4 thousand soldiers in Poland and Baltic states (Estonia, Litwania , Latvia), and increase the rapid deployment forces to 40 thousand soldiers, as well as establish air bases for installing and operating the missile shield in Poland and Romania, and thus NATO dropped its decision and promise of 1989 not to expand eastward.

NATO has no meaning after the end of the cold war, and the United States is practicing intense pressure on NATO countries, raising provocations and tensions internationally through its advanced military escalation on Russia's borders, including the missile shield (nuclear weapons and missiles).

As well as the American intervention in the china sea disputes, escalating tensions in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region, this aggressive policy urge the peace forces to play a big role especially the non-aligned movement to put an end to the tensions , conflicts, and prevent a new Cold War.

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