Inauguration of the Pakistan Chapter of Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation

An extraordinary meeting of the secretariat of Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation was held on 7th December 2015 on the request of Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidi, President of AAPSO to report on his mission to Islamabad, Pakistan from 1-3 December 2015.

On the initiative taken by Mr. Rahat Saeed, an organizing committee was setup to inaugurate the Pakistan Chapter of AAPSO. Pakistan AAPSO was a longstanding committee since inception but after the demise of the veteran leader Mr. Miraj Khaled, who was one time prime Minister of Pakistan, it ceased to function.

With the initiative of Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidi, President of AAPSO and Mr. Rahat Saeed, of Pakistan, it was possible to re-organise the Pakistan AAPSO.

Accordingly, the inaugural meeting was held on 2nd December 2015 where Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidi was invited to be present and address the inaugural meeting. It was a very successful meeting as important personalities from all the provinces of Pakistan was present.

In this meeting National Organising Committee and Regional / Provincial organizing committees were set up. Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo was unanimously elected its Chairman; Senator Bizenjo is a veteran leader and had been connected with AAPSO in the past. Mr. Rahat Saeed was elected senior Vice-Chairman. Other officials are as follows.

Mr. Umar Farooq (General Secretary). Mr. Berkat Ullah (Secretary Information). Ms. Nigar Berkat (Secretary Finance) and Mr. Shakil Ghori (Secretary-Coordination).

The Provincial Organising Committees were led by the following:

Balochistan – Mir Kabeer Ahmed (Convenor)
Punjab – Mr. Tariq Khurshid Malik (Convenor)
South Punjab – Mr. Haider Abbas Gardezi (Convenor)
Kashmir (P.K.) – Mr. Shahab Khattak Adrocate (Convenor)
Sindh – Justice Salahuddin Mirza (Convenor)
Islamabad – Mr. Athar Mahmood (Convenor)


The Secretariat of AAPSO unanimously accepted the Pakistan Chapter as a member of AAPSO and thanked the role played by Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidi and also of Mr. Rahat Saeed in taking lot of effort in making this chapter possible.

The Secretariat pays high tribute to all those friends of Pakistan for this great event and look for closer cooperation to strengthen the movement.

With the inauguration of Pakistan Chapter, all the members of the SAARC Countries are represented in AAPSO.

The Secretariat wishes them all success and look for greater coordination.


AAPSO Secretariat

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