The conference on the Future Role of the NAM and the commemoration of 50th Anniversary of AAPSO, 15 June 2007 Final Communiqué

The conference on the future role of the NAM and the commemoration of 50th Anniversary of AAPSO

Held in Manila, 15 June 2007.

Final Communiqué

On the invitation of Philippines Peace and Solidarity Council, Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organisation held a one day conference in Manila, jointly with PPSC. On 15th June 2007 on “The Future Role of the NAM and the commemoration of 50th anniversary of AAPSO”.

The conference which was held at the Manila University Campus Hall was attended by a number of intellectuals, members of the diplomatic corpse accredited to Philippines, members of the PPSC leadership, friends and well wishers.

The Permanent Secretariat was represented by its Secretary – General Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain and Ms. Hamsa Abd El Hamid The secretary of the international section. Secretary – General Nouri Abdul Razzak’s speech delve into the fruitful changes that had taken place in NAM since the 13th NAM Summit held in Kula Lumpur in 2003 and its follow up at the 14th Summit in Havana, Cuba with a new dimension on positive experiences in energy conservation by Cuba and the efforts made to human resource development in the field of elimination of illiteracy, eradication of poverty and free health care for every one including cheaper drugs for AIDS. He also referred for the civil society experiences in this direction.

On behalf of PPSC its chairperson Prof. Reynaldo De Guzman and its General Secretary Antonio Paris, spoke to the gathering. They explained the achievements of their organisation despite enormous constraints and their commitment to work closely with AAPSO Permanent Secretariat. Philippines is placed in an strategic area in Asia comprising ASEAN, SAARC, Australia and the East Asia. Although the U.S. has removed their bases from the territory, yet the Americans continue to use the facilities under an agreement for U.S visiting forces.

The civil society is a powerful instrument in the Philippines as there are a number of civil society organisations engaged in multi-farious activities.

The participants endorsed the need for expansion of AAPSO activities both in the Philippines and the region as vital for the strengthening of the NAM and upholding the importance of the United Nations.

Although the Asia Pacific region is the engine of economic growth, it also is a reservoir of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness. This uneven development has its positive and negative tendencies. The contradictions have to be resolved by assisting the underdeveloped areas for which the civil society need to unite and work hand in hand with the government agencies for meaningful development.

The participants expressed their solidarity with Cuba and her positive action as the leader of the NAM in implementing south-south cooperation by providing medical personnel to needy countries and scholarships for students to study medicine in Cuba. The conference also wished the speedy recovery of the Cuban leader president Fidel Castro.

The conference was much delighted and express solidarity with the new changes in Latin America and specially the rapid socio-economic developments taking place in Venezuela under the leadership of President Hugo Chلvez who has given new direction to the 21st century socialism in Latin America.

The conference also was deeply concern about the situation in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon. The participants appealed to end the fratricidal conflicts and forge unity among all forces to establish peace. They also expressed their solidarity with the people of these countries against Israeli and U.S aggression.

The conference also salute and expressed solidarity with all the forces around the world who are waging struggle to free them from U.S hegemony.

The conference also call upon all civil society movements to unite in order to achieve a world of peace and stability and without war.