World Water Day

World Water Day

Dr. Morad Ghaleb, President of AAPSO issued the following press release on behalf of the Permanent Secretariat:

Tuesday 22 March 2005 marks the World Day for Water .the United Nations proclaimed a very important theme this year: Water for Life. The Water for Life Decade (2005-2015) aims mainly at realizing the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) through providing safe water supply.

Millions of people around the world suffer severe shortage in water and sustain the dearth of potable water to meet their basic needs. Safe access to water is a prerequisite for combating poverty , preserving health , eliminating the waterborne diseases resulted from using nonpotable water such as malaria and diarrhea, given the fact that more than 2 million people in the developing countries , mostly children, die due To such diseases.

Furthermore, women and girls are the most afflicted by the water shortage as they are responsible to bring water for their families and household usage from enormous distances and may have to travel 6 kilometers while carrying no less than 20 liters.

The need to proper use and preservation of water is crucial, taking into account the fact that fresh water resources are short-supply and the increasing demand on water as an inevitable corollary of the population growth .by 2020,about 2.3 million people are expected to lack safe water.

The Organization calls upon the relevant authorities and governments to find means of maintaining; preventing pollution to and ensuring the proper use of water, to attain sustainable environment and contribute in realizing the MDGs and disseminate awareness of the importance of preserving water to avoid consumer unsustainable methods.

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