Attorney Omar Zein Speech

Attorney Omar Zein Speech
Secretary- General of the Arab Lawyers Union
In the Meeting on:
"Activating legal moves at the international level to empower Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate and inalienable rights"
ALU Headquarter – Cairo
On Monday 4th, 2013
Right & Arabism



We meet today with these statures struggling for the Palestinian cause, which always requires,  not only to be the compass of our actions, but also the compass for the movements of the Arab nation, as a core issue not to be acceded by any issue.

"Activating legal moves at the international level to empower Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate and inalienable rights" is the theme of our seminar today. This meeting will discuss the status of the Palestinian issue in the light of the state capacity as a Member Observer State in the United Nations, and the procedures which may be taken for its favor, with identifying what is required from the Palestinians being in the forefront of the nation. The reconciliation is an urgent and national duty for the Palestinian fractions, as the enemy does not differentiate between Fatah and Hamas, PFLP and DFLP, or PLF and Jihad and others. The reconciliation we seek is the way towards a solution which cannot be achieved without resistance. This resistance means here all forms of resistance against all dominant cultures, which led us to retreat, dispersion, killing, violence, underdevelopment , distrust, heresy, factionalism, sectarianism, tribalism, and clans and lack of respect for human rights, and others' opinions. We the Arabs, have to work at two levels; First: Official actions although they are helpless and powerless; second: popular Arab action which has become, in one way or another, far or rather strange from the Palestinian issue, compared to is the writings and actions of some living forces in the world.

At the Islamic level, we need to communicate with all Islamic peoples and organizations to promote our issue from just being news into a real action backed by the huge potentials available to these organizations and peoples. Here, emerges our direction. We have also to communicate with the people of friendly countries, as the liberation and returning of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, also in addition to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people are humanitarian and legal right that can be in not against our side.

At the humanitarian level, the Human Rights Organizations throughout the world should include in their agenda the suffering that the Palestinians face due to war and genocide crimes and crimes against humanity.
It is worth mentioning that some institutions, organizations, and individuals working in the legal field tried hardly to play their roles against those crimes but unfortunately, due to the very limited potentials, the desired results have not been achieved. The matter which requires from us, ALU and the Arab human rights organizations in particular, to undertake the following:

First: Holding a public and comprehensive meeting in ALU Headquarters for all the initiatives that have been launched and still on legal on documentation or judicial reviews. This is in order to record and activate such initiatives after listening to those who are responsible, and the results reached and to develop a working program including the tasks and responsibilities of each of the human rights organizations and offices of Arab and foreign lawyers to identify what can be achieved now and in the future to besiege the Zionist enemy. That is through the decisions and judgments, which may be issued by effective judicial procedures, in order to prevent the enemy`s global movement and let him face the severest punishments.

Second: Calling for immediate forming of an international fact-finding commission to investigate all the crimes carried out by the Zionist enemy; planners, commanders, actors, participants and interveners. This is in addition to the damages occurred and the collection of evidences, which may disappear over time as a lot of these evidences such as forensic or injured victims, for example, are exposed to demise and cannot wait in all the Arab countries, which have been affected by the military Zionist operations in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Iraq and others.

Third: Preparing for global campaigns to disclose through a scientific and modern way the hideousness of the committed crimes and the violation of such crimes for all human values ​​of human being and for all international conventions and treaties, which are required not to remain as a dead letter without any respect or implementation.

Forth: Developing a funding program by which the abovementioned actions can be achieved and this is the bottom line to launch the work.

In conclusion

We hope all success for this meeting. It is the time now to start working theoretically and practically with due professionalism by the Palestinian leadership, the Arab and international human rights institutions. Through this we can deliver the humanitarian and national message that we carry, and avoid stumble due to dispersion or missing the right track as the files are being lost and accordingly the issues lost, and the matter that delighting our enemy. Also one of our enemy wishes is that we stay within the framework of theories and the media, and therefore it is time now to do our natural turn.

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