AAPSO's Paper In Jordan

International Forum on Security and Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Jordan – Amman
13-14 November 2013

                                                                           By Christine Gamal
                                                                                International Section

First I would like to express respect and appreciation to the organizing committee of the Arab Forum on Security and Nuclear non proliferation.

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Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangabandhu International Conference
Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh

30 September, 1-2 October 2013, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Liberation War Honour

Friends of Liberation War Honour


Bangladesh Freedom Struggle

E. A. Vidyasekera Secretary Coordinator of AAPSO receiving the honour award from the President and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh  on his own behalf and of AAPSO for the Solidarity during Bangladesh Freedom Struggle. Dhaka 1st October 2013.


Celebration of the 40th anniversary of signing the Paris agreements

Celebration of the 40th anniversary of signing the Paris agreements which led to withdrawer of the US occupation forces from South Vietnam


The Vietnamese union of friendship organization organizes an international celebration for the 40th anniversary of signing the Paris agreements.  It was attended by 33 international figures from international non-governmental organizations, ambassadors and members of diplomatic corps, in addition to prominence social and cultural figures.

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Attorney Omar Zein Speech

Attorney Omar Zein Speech
Secretary- General of the Arab Lawyers Union
In the Meeting on:
"Activating legal moves at the international level to empower Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate and inalienable rights"
ALU Headquarter – Cairo
On Monday 4th, 2013
Right & Arabism



We meet today with these statures struggling for the Palestinian cause, which always requires,  not only to be the compass of our actions, but also the compass for the movements of the Arab nation, as a core issue not to be acceded by any issue.

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AAPSO convened several international conferences on solidarity with the peoples of Africa in: Khartoum(Sudan 1969), Lourenco Marques (Maputo, Mozambique 1975), Luanda (Angola 1976), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia 1976), Lusaka (Zambia 1979), Brazzaville (Congo 1986), Paris (France 1986).

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